1-Adam's rib


Adam's blessed rib Plato's progenitor, human kind's cradle Eve

Anchor, counterpoint, mother and mat, complementary to other half

Tender, kind, caring companioned delicate patient of all

Remedy, joy, companion, to youngster, adult, and the old man

Rational, emotional maternal, protector, nurturer thoughtful,

Rose, flower, bird of gardener's fantasy, sing, to you all serenades and love poems

With all injustice, subject, object along the way standing peaceful, strong, and serene 


2-Are you there?

Oh mighty God, Good, Clement, Giver, Progenitor, Merciful

Desperate, needy, simplistic and how much last, I ?

Decision to the road of life, wanted! unwanted?

Ways of invisible fabulous love, future guiding, occurrence, recurrence

Man kind back and forth front facing facts, Shall face it or carry faith, destiny

Spheres or world, an illusion, else the path of reality

Expiring,, expressive human or being, Are you there?


3-Aristotle in pain


Philosophers in vain for ever

filed facts remain

failed function, mission

Fountains flows

For whom the only matter is the brain

Face for once facets of life

forget and be alive


4-Art eye


Investigating lines(brush storks), juxtaposed  patterns

Intriguing forms overlapping contents, embracing thoughts ( ideas )

Contemplating bodies leaning curves, merging spectra ( colors )

Eye balls following marks, prints in between frames

Thoughtful gestures hand under chin fingering lips

Mobile mind making-up stories reflecting if not

Wandering perplex somewhat confused


5 Be or not


Oh mighty God, Good, Clement, Giver, Progenitor, Merciful

Desperate, needy, simplistic and how much last, I ?

Decision to the road of life, wanted! unwanted?

Ways of invisible fabulous love, future guiding, occurrence, recurrence

Man kind back and fort front facing facts, Shall face or carry faith and destiny

Spheres or world, an illusion, else the path of reality

Expiring,, expressive human or being, Are you there?


6Being in love


Felling like being in a place where time is lingering leaving gas of wander on the chest

Imploding remembrance of the experience, the union, that moment!

Indicating pointing sings, nostalgic instances, memorable harmony, silent touches

Questions, expectations, hope, incertitude, mozdram*, vlash* weh*É

chained in the pray bead, passing time. Is that love ? What a pray!

Feeling shivers, pounding off beat heart beat, noshes, effervescent soul

Inner-self, swinging like a needle of scale locking for rest 


* sounds or words that has not a specific meaning like a unexpressed feeling



7Blue print genetics


Blue print, succession invisible bound

Continuing legacy father and son ancestry passing gene

Lineage common tread similarity, variations

Essence exuberance ascending genetics

Replicating agents good and bad, dark and bright

Occurrence reoccurrence DNA RNA messenger

Transmitter procreator of future generations


8 Black velvet sky


Deep velvet, black

Feet on the ground head's up, vertigo !

Infinite heaven facing the naked eye

Milky by aspect twinkled by prospect

Noon moon none

Majestic logistic

if not Creation before you


9  Bird Cat

Bleu jay feather, creature

Bleu sky, bleu ocean

Big bleu eye

Red round beak, black long lashes

Clean clear skin, firm chunk of flesh

Voluptuous, present, sensuous animal-esc

Bite on bad black cat feast on while get a clutch 


10 Butterfly Ideas


Ideas are alive, the body is lingering without a doubt

The overwhelming thoughts pull the knack off balance

The shaman is in retreat within crowds one would say he is a cloud

The unveiled sight becomes a never saw

Words stuck to their dress and their lines

The blessed-inspired- is listening to the voice of prophets

Joyous heart, thundered glances, light touched butterfly.


11 Circle of Five


Flow flowing soprano screams in the mist of walk

Eye on freedom expression at stakes according accordion

Flux of air fractionating space inner vision harmonizing

DawnŐs light fresh breeze announcing women news circle

Welcoming discordance listening friction resolving tension trombone

Melodic diapason violin silent word crossing universe

Witnessing equilibrium continues breaking drums


12 Clear voyance


Clear voyance, pure instinct distinct to all instance

Inner voice, voice of cosmos, Athma talking to Brahma 

Time, space, past present future collapsing merging point

Reality , truth lifting vales values of unknown ascending light

Vision, path of prophets, saints and visionaries

Clean water, spring of hope, creaks of enlightenment

Unwilled seen to shaman, wise man and poets 


13 Commitment


Pressure, impression expiation exaltation

War of word, world and wander wild wolf

Staring stars starting secret and sermon

Connected cosmos, carrying karma

Abundance, abstinence opulence what a sense

Appearance, divergence none sense acceptance

Pray, joy, resolution subsequently commitment


14 Conflicting Stars


When the line of stars conflicting, on the way no line will cross over

When easy path is blocked by destiny, persistence is a vein venue all the way

When the cross road is stuck travelerŐs journey ends

When vibs canceling so sound will emerge

When the good amen is vacated no need to push on

When the smile leaves the corner of the eye, laughter sounds like scream

When the spirit leaves the soul forecast sadness


15 Creativity


Inventing the wheel of past trough present, trough courage

Delightedly exquisite pursue of unseen estheticism

Fresh and innocent proportions as a child play

Voice of angels cross the space, sixth senses running around 

Emotions speak transcendently, illuminating ray of unseen light

Body and mind jointly enslaved instruments in the process

EgoŐs eagle, broken wings and caged, deleted self for a moment or two



16 Curly Head and toe


Nine none null

Any one agrees after this beginnings degrees

Entry to the world of unseen threes

Reincarnation, refection, emancipation

The end of decimal entities

Never the less first of the last

Curly head and toe



17 Depression


Blue, gray, black back! Slush red

Bruise, blues lonely boat

Gloomy kid cloudy days

Repeating recurrences, stagnated mud, karma

Blind in the past obscure future

Breaking bones, trailing chains of frustration

Storm under skin, voice of rescue stuck in the throat, dreadful soul



18 Dignity


Dignity, humans silver shine face mirroring light

Light of heavens sparks of soul noble syllables 

Worth of words, speech and reason median

Free of lowness even low as could be

Mankind worshiper sinner brother and equal rank

Gather respect and love by tread of friendship or else

Save self and similar from disgrace all at once



19 Do it


Do, do and do it

Over and over redo undo hands on mind on

Teachers canŐt it can it does it better than all of them at once

Mother of masters initiators and inventors

No science no knowledge could be equal to experience

Learning receiving information no application implies dreaming in the utopia land

Philosophizing rationalizing without experience like a fruit tree without the crops



20 Double squares


Vertical infinite, Shiva  on the phoenix

where four meets more

variation, improvisation if there is not mutation

Synonymous to transformation, by definition reincarnation

divided and multiplied by it self

binary, imaginary or so

end of cycle, tangent by itself



21Dream of Him


Dream beam, stop

If I can

He high can

other mother

nourish foolish, cross

abstraction deviation

for ever never. me and Him



22 Even



Soft, worm kiss of unknown angel

Sudden unexpected, familiar, intimate

A sense promising union, twilight

Word of mouth, remedy, relief of chest and heart on the spot

Jazzed, loveŐs burning moment

Ultimate joy! dream onÉ



23 Empty pocket after the millions


Zero like a empty circle Oh

before, meaning less after empowering shameless !

And yet the youngest among the set

Empty as a nothing, even out of no where

Why do you fall out of empty pockets

and chasing after fat wallets

If it was not for the Arabs you would live among sand and dunes



24 Exibite


Investigating lines, juxtaposed patterns

Intriguing forms overlapping contents, embracing thoughts

Contemplating bodies, leaning curves merging colors

Eyes following marks, prints, brush strokes in between frames

Mind making up stories, referring histories, or perplex and confused

Gates of emotions, rational critics weighting each judging good and bad art

Some sole, inspired, others indifferent, untouched or outrage anyone can do this 



25 Fatalism


Is, because, cause no matters, it will, what it is!

No blame, no shame it is the path of faith

Written, carved on forehead destiny

No change no responsibility free of freewill

Sinner sin wheel of life engendering chan of action

Possibilities falling into the cracks of fixed features

Call it fatal, banal all fall in preinstall casual, exceptional



26 Fear


Fear, fear of unknown

Confident-less luck of assurance

Grown in the seed of confusion, accidents of life

Fishing in troubled waters

Hoping victories happiness glory all at once

Uncertain migrant, worrying blocking roads

Fear are you still there?



27 Finding self


Finding our lasts challenging our weaknesses

Opening chest holding hands washing heart

Simplifying equations linking lines transmitting dialogues

Targeting action, caution on out come and reaction

Skilled survivor, adjusting necessities, priorities or so

Locking love and affection, compassionate soul

Trusting destiny blind road burning hope



28 Four corners


Finding our lasts challenging our weaknesses

Opening chest holding hands washing heart

Simplifying equations linking lines transmitting dialogues

Targeting action, caution on out come and reaction

Skilled survivor, adjusting necessities, priorities or so

Locking love and affection, compassionate soul

Trusting destiny blind road burning hope


29 Free jazz


Agreeing concordance, appointed dissonance

Distorted harmonies, replicating chaos

Pulling notes, bending keys, stretching counterpoints

Continuing disjointed overtones

Cutting conversation none verbal visceral

Trenched melodies, stretched standards, rules roll-over

Free at last, free from norm, free-love that jazz hearts


30 Fresh air


Agreeing concordance, appointed dissonance

Distorted harmonies, replicating chaos

Pulling notes, bending keys, stretching counterpoints

Continuing disjointed overtones

Cutting conversation none verbal visceral

Trenched melodies, stretched standards, rules roll-over

Free at last, free from norm, free-love that jazz hearts


31 Genetics/Blue print


Blue print, succession invisible bound

Continuing legacy father and son ancestry passing gene

Lineage common treads similarity, variations

Essence exuberance ascending genetics

Replicating agents good and bad, dark and bright

Occurrence reoccurrence DNA RNA messenger

Transmitter procreator of future generations


32 Glory Mingus


Oakland, by the Bay

Cruising in the pistachio vessel

thinking how vain being with vanities

The master of lower registers puts his feet to the ground

pointing the holy land and the wonder across the bay

The sight was majestic, tall trees, the black creatures

The moment was jazzed and protected by the guardian of Africa


33 Health


Health wealth for lifeŐs cash on the hand

Granted well being precious thing

Young and old rich and poor Ôs piece of mind

Mercy of all beings, in its absence, such as hell and nightmare

MindŐs sanity, heartŐs joy

Sun of body, dirt of hand foreheadŐs sweat

Gift of good and nature, thanks to good



34 Hope


Treasure and light of the heart

Remedy of oppressed and desperate

Answer and rescuer of all sorrows

Reflecting spectra of happiness and intentions

Sunny sky, infinite shining horizon

Pillar of faith steps towards freedom

Hope the ultimate breath, the most precious gift of all



35 How precious life


How precious a piece of mind

How precious a life

How precious thing innocence

How precious freedom and being who we are

How precious quit night with a friend with family

How precious well being

How precious to light the candle of hope, hope of a brighter tomorrow


36 Humble Daneil


Yours, humbleness blowing melodious lines,

Tall grass wavering wind, open chest boundless mind

Pressuring splitting breath, ,velvet tone, blasting horns

Fluid, swinging self, tossing sound surround

babyŐs lullaby, textural tenor, sweet clarinet

Test, Other dimensions, Carter muted trumpet

Kind flute, human alto Daniel



37 I feel you


I feel you

I sense you

I see your light, perceive shadow of your innocence

I smell the essence of you spirit

I donŐt know you yet you will be part of my thoughts for the remaining of my life

Aspiring hope and peace in your remembrance

Burning carrying the torch of life for once more


38 Inner Mirror


A journey a quest for enlightenment seeking understanding reality of the moment

A road a chain of thoughts action and reaction

DestinyŐs signs and landmarks inscribed on the tabloid of lifeŐs journey

Unfolding ideas inspirations knitting constructing self in the image of perfect world

Confining confronting successes and obstacles in each corner of the path

Vales of light and darkness draping minds and hearts all along

Eye and inner vision reflecting inner mirror


39 Is roof high


Is roof, up there, is what it is

Is high what is looking down

Being on what is head starring below underneath

What is up, is what may fall to pieces

Falling is what is mirroring what it was

Crystal clear is none the less what it is

Sunset behind clouds or rising morning thin line crimson



40 Jo Man-ear-I


The wizard of between notes among men

maker of none sense to a sense

Poet of love songs between tongues

Breath leaking, relieving moanes, during silences

God were wespered to you words man, ear; I listen

Nominal father of Nazarine, for Christ sack

Joseph holds half of Beauty by  himself, you carry it in chaos.


41 Journey of love


Journey of love, height of love, rhymes of love, path of love

Blistered feet moving across the universe address-less

Moving from one flame to the next, timeless traveling

Burning in expense of union the infinite union reunion the ultimate union

Love, the unconditional love, love, love of selflessness, true love

Love for love without a price, without merit, faceless formless beloved

Love in love-land, blind love, pouring spring cleansing and purifying hearts

42 Language


Transmitting facts communicating sky to dusty creatures

Tongue moving, concepts in the mind, waving hands, gestures, body postures

Assessing tools building toys, learning common interests    

Wave length and flow of thoughts, opinion, reflections, rejections

Man kind idioms, sign language, translating, interpreting, compiling to make sense

Native language, branching families, migrating, transforming, inventing words

Dominance, culture clash, war parlance politics, poets carving sight, writers golden ratio


43 Lipsing Gilberto


Entering the space embracing soul in the place

Worm hugs, speechless transmission

All heart, affectioned, tender friendship greed

Voice of samba whispered though the breath, Gitberto

Instance, remembrance lipsing blessed ear

Invitation invocation songs of ticker, melodious harmony Bahian lullaby

Wandered soul joyous etherize self, landing to light of morning


44 Live as a sine wave


Hands of creator tied to mine

shaking waving up and down

as if in a ride

no matter what happen

Keep the inner vision fastened

in the flow of the sweet stream

that is the teaching of a mother



45 looking out


Temptation looking out for window of opportunities

Grasping reaching getting the unwanted, forbidden even far way

Ceased conquered all along once or over and over

Inner agent doweling angel challenging outcomes good or bad

Ego sharp arrow bouncing bow targeting self

Sweet or bitter fruit of action and merit

Trap or destiny candy of heart spiced soul


46 Major Fifth


Major fifth, yet subtle

Spiritual, ritual

Pillar of ethereal faith

Metaphysic through essence

Celestial, combines all aspects, aura

Hands and crafts if not gems and jewels

Senses over the skin, light in the eyes



47 Metals


Aluminum, steel debris pollution, acid rain

Soft led poisoning air, water and valleys

Silver shines, gold mines

Brass section, conduits, lampŐs shade

Zinc and iron sustain food chain

Platinum chip cyber thoughts

Titanium primary element mixed molecules


48 Mercy


Bridge ditch

walking across

carrying load of sin along the thin line,

falling empty like a stabbed sand bag

Dream of despair almost in the face

Suddenly, Holy hand grabs the rest

Decay of hell metamorphosed by mercy of Mediator to highway Heaven


49 Midnight reading


Walking late night gazing lower east along side walk

Hey you! Cards and crystals are calling you, leading your destiny on the path

Mid aged lady, bargaining for the ride, shuffling stacks, tarot reading on the way

Fortune reveals confusion, obstacles and struggles

Dark root, motherŐs hardship and rivals showing all along

Working crystal and herbs cleansing misfortune and evil eye

Striving happiness deep down the heart, not the empty smile on the face is at stake 


50 Mortality or continuity


Entering visible world tangible matter celebrating birth

Emerging embryonic evolution, childhood gazing through youth, walking old

Invested, passionate, primordial for some while indifferent uninspired and vein for other

A journey a must no matter race gender status desired or undesired

Perpetual quest passengerŐs final destination

Continuation, resurrection, incarnation


51 Mother of nation


Mother of the nation, mother of Afghans mother of our heritage

Veiled, deprived, cover under the shades of darkness and denial

Equals sisters partners moms, women of dignity, honor and firmness

Survival and motherly instinctual your true nature, your gift grace of god

Propagator progenitor provider of patience, tolerance and acceptance

Kindness selflessness amiability and care among other your virtues

Pointer, leader of generations to come from the crib to lifeŐs journey, for ever



52 Muse of hears Music


Muse of the ears, hope of the hearts

Path to miracles, channeling celestial messages

The hidden words of God

Propagated circles, purified voice of majesty

Pleasing heart of cave man and the modern man

Shaped after the harmonious lines of horizons

Present in any joy, sorrow among all rituals


53 New year celebration


Snow ball significance

Trades of time sign of life, grateful to Merciful

Thousands past thousands will

Constant, constantly perpetual swell dwell

Needles moving revolving clocks, ticking time tic-tack, wall sealing

Non sense aberrance, common bound modern man celebrating

Exposing exploding vanity (vibes) and desire on



54 Old man's voice didjeridoo


Didje redo, just a dead branch inside undo.

All bass drown yet not only! harmonics too! by nature, rich stick thick tone

Magic, majestic, magnetic, primitive yet much more to unveil and reveal

Walking sand, trilling branches, animal cry, humming monks, circular breathing

Termites, hermits together joint to joint blown to the sky,

Milky way full of jingling stars, overtones knitting time and space all along.

Mediating meditating, reflecting over and over through lips, throat, breath and hartŐs pulse.



55 Omar


Bound hearts, beating pulses, close blood, identical genes, equal birth

Wheel of destiny, veiled bind, out of sight, silent impulse displaced joint flesh and bone

Deep down sound tie, telepathy harmony concordance alliance within distance

Intimate memories common past, diverging present unpredictable coming

Sixth sense, dream occurrences, invisible messenger, trusting faith

Love and respect flowing rivers, peaking mount: intentions, ripe moment overflow: emotions

Resurrected  ties, seven year boundless feelings, few seconds magic cycle ultimate joy Omar



56 One the only one


One is the only one

One begins, one ends

One as a thin line

If one adds all it remains one

One the only one

One above all ones

one praise to One


57 Heart


Vehicle , means of survival engendering life

Receptacle, container holder of all love secrets and treasured feelings

Center core of emotional turmoil and serenity

Pulsing beats bringing blood streams cleansing dark steams

Joule of the body, quiver of passion  and source of enlightenment

Heavy loaded gift, draw the line between mankind and creation

Palpitating blushed rushed anguished piece of flesh


58 Patience


Part of life along the road

Virtue of wise man and good decisions

Ever lasting moment tumultuous beater taste to endure

Fruit of heaven sweet and pleasant when it is time

Nested such as hope and love in youngŐs and olds nature

Unending roads invincible mounts unconquered territories will not resist to it

Patience mother of all achievement and satisfaction


59 Progress


Progress historical reality or not!

Representation, expression post-ism, humanism

Tragedy disgrace in some instances adapting

Anti-learning information super highway, archaic unknown artifacts

Walking about sensation gnosis and glories

Genuine irony, cruel regressions in the other hand

Hand to hand partner in crime wth Evolution.


60 ReaderŐs eye


Waving pen points, dancing stroke white leaf

Flat reality bi-dimensional in between shine and shadow, silver plated

Impressions, stolen forms, borrowed  ideas, mixed imagination,  foreign ingredients

Leaving behind traces fragrance, shade of color, appearances, gestures,

Capturing portraits characters, image of places, air of priorities

Transcendence, faithful acts, consciousness and guilt, love and dispassion

All above penetrated, mingled through the readerŐs eye and mind


61 The red bearded man's factory


In the old town

Gates of the other world

Master of the cavern long red bearded man

Working slaves and novices in chain

deep voice inner world

Learning the verses of freedom

Indeed that is the lesson of a father


62 Respect


Virtue, gift grace of God

Cultured nurtured within the heart, beam of soul

Always the same constant no matter the strength or any situation

True love true acceptance true divine flavor

Inner campus, guide, pointer to cosmic balance

Indicative to code of conduct, seedŐs of human rights

Common ground, dialogue between ignorant and wise-man


63 Revolving bridge


Revolving bridge, campus of destiny measuring inner strength

Inner circle, ruling class, dignitaries elite and the rest, many soles many colors

Rank, power and prestige along wealth and glory of the past, long gone

Sudden change, hardship, change of scenery and situations

Reflecting, mirroring behaviors, action, interaction, revelator true essence

Some with dignity, others selling one selves, stealing breath of lowliness

Eye opener, personality remains within, goods and ornament momentary and ephemeral    


64 Self Proximity


Oh you ! I know you, I read your mind!

I live you, I walk you, I talk you,

Yes you! Who is me, yes you next to me before me within me

I share my breath with you, I feed you the same bite

You who I can judge, you to who I invent stories, you who I can blame

You my companion, keeper of my secrets and my faith

After all you the one sometimes I know the least of all


65 Seven days a week


Close to the clouds,

Gods creation, atmosphere,

stratosphere, spheres of heavens,

Lucky you uneven number,

stairs of sonic systems

Downward, seven levels of darker matters

raising days to weeks


66 Short inspiration


Short inspiration illumination

Beaming sparkles, fireworks dazzling moment

Effervescent etherized ephemera

Jammed  joy a ride to infinite to nothingness

Clarity crystal clear

Eye opener heart polisher

Splinter of the mind


67 Simplicity, clarity


Simplicity clarity

Here and there 1 2 3

Single line single mind

Flowing river, heartŐs beat

Reaching all around

ChildŐs face

Good advise to the ground


68 Sixth sense


Mystic, prophetic

The sixth sense weaver of divine letters,

parabolic hexagonal webs of universe

Smooth transition, transmission

distinct instinct.

David's star between poles

Role model before chaos.


69 Such is life


Life to you the strange unfaithful companion, with your own flow of things

I the particle piece of nothing flouting in the unknown, in the incertitude

Juggling faith and facts, tossing morality, hiding consciousness under hot hat

I in the perfect world of none sense trying justifying and reasoning good and evil

Hoping, seeking through roughness and misery a glimpse of, an ultimate union

The aim of hearts targeting over shadowed harmony even in a cloudy day

Counting years never leaving the sight, with resentment of seconds after life 


70 Taylor-Bailey


Old tall white gray wolf graph guitar

Old brown wolf pounding black and white keys Bozondorf

Dialoguing sound and unsound motion, conversation so long friendship free expression

Needless communicating, abstract communion, guessing even silence and beyond

Roller-costing dynamics soft next to nothing, ears up, closed eye

Thunder like deluge of mixed melodies, inner world

Energy synergy exploding keys, time signature and tonality



71 Tempkins Park


Cool breeze embracing neck

Worm generous sunshine rubbing forehead

Light mild thin air carrying fragrances

Sounds of dormant city around small talks, playground mingling circles

Free spirits dispersed all over, e-guitar, distant flute, syncopated drums

Resting lay down old and young scattered crowd, between park and venues

Some single in a solitary journey, some gathered spots while other talking trees



72 Temptation


Temptation, looking out for window of opportunities

Grasping, reaching, getting the wanted even faraway

Seaside, conquered all along once or over and over

Inner agent dueling angels challenging outcome good or bad

Ego sharp arrow bouncing bow targeting self

Sweet or beater fruits of action and merit

Trap or faith candy of heart, spiced soul



73 Tenderness


Hand holding hand, cheek to cheek, mixing scents 

Eyes weaving glances warm rays in between

Hearts beating counterpoints sweet moment, precious feelings

Dawn of love, horizon of harmony, pinnacle of intentions

Soft touch, silent verb, loaded caress

Kind in a gentle way, comforting, caring, all the way

Remedy to old and young, joy to rich and needy



74 My friend Jawed jan


To you my eternal friend, to you Jawed, to your premature hurtful departure

To you nomad, traveler, multilingual malang

To you in between existentialist Sartre and picturesque metaphysician Beedel

Words of drunken Hafiz, verses of sweet Rumi inspiring you leading your way

To you motion picture, dream maker, witness of life flow and merging moments of past to come

To your perseverance to your dedication, in a torturous journey, fire dancing our hearts

Our loss forever! May Peace and Clemency upon you, your friends and family



75 To you too


To, you too !

Who ? you the other

dual mutual, here and there

Known, unknown, mother and father too

to a opposition there is a symmetry

Count two, day and night,

till two become you too



76 Trust


Fixed scale, clear mind back bone of the soul

Foundation among relations, true associations 

Unwandered, solid synchronized breath,

Continuous undisturbed beat, pulse shining mirror

Evidence of blind judge unquestionable treasure

Rumors suspicion facts defect

Anti-dot, indispensable circumstance, crystal  untouched water


77 Tree of threes


Son, Father and three

Energy trilogy theology

Knowledge of Knower is known

Triangles happened to count one two and three

trees with juicy fruits

Balance ordnance

Other, mother and saint spirit



78 Unexpected


Unexpected lesson sparkled

Enlightenment gilt a flux of moment

On the verge of stillness in metes of a thought

Revelation simple things a sign a gesture to light

A gateway a cross road facing selves

Carrying sound of harmony connecting silence

Imprinting, chiseled impressions eyesight



79 Why is so


Travelling friends, old days laughter, innocent jokes, riding the train of unconsciousness

Conversing radicalizing ridicule, making sense of non-sense on the way

Tall of misery, curse of war devastated home land destroyed hopes beyond scope

Tragedies out of reach, unimaginable ruling death, and torture emanating bodies

Suffering out of proportion, numb corps of present, haunting future souls 

Descendent iced next generation, slow dissolution cotton knife killing

Giggling out of cry what is the big game?  interpreting opposites balancing good and evil ?



80 Warned river ( Poor old Kabul )


Air born, burned earth, dust

Ancient ruins contours the periphery

Horizon ? Laid laces, parallel plateaus

Kabul river crossing diagonal, bowl

Blue sky, azure domes

Sad souls wandering around the town

Hopes and tears running streets when will that stop ?


81 Www


 Words, fixed creatures printed shades, simple form, complex behaviors

Textural, rhetoric elegant eloquent shapes poem, prose love letters lawŐs code, testament

Informative, imperative superlative verb, noun argument didactic

Dress to pale pages, adjacent to ornamented gold leaf motives, imbedded  tabloid

Visual accident, calligraphy, typographerŐs choreography dancing letters

Symbol, sign, historyŐs testimony, emperors and kings virtues and greatness logs

GodŐs Revelation, means medium  of prophecy, indicative, initiator to seeker



82 Cross road


Sometime life sucks and sometimes it could be clement and caring

In between happiness and struggle comes why this or that, why not this or that

As a child innocent as novice explorer as old man warn thorn experience mature maybe ?

Perpetual sin wave making melodies weaving shape and form of everyday

Acceptance of flow of life on one hand lamenting oneŐs destiny in the other

Survival looking through the window of adaptation, opportunities

A quest a way a moment in the cross read of human breath



83 Dark resonance


Ignorance dark resonance

Outrageous, lucking connection in between divergence

Shocking deceiving tenebrous existence

Dissonant unstable, none-sense void of presence

Unresolved tumultuous within self

Propagator, maker of wars, intolerance and mindlessness

May a friction of light arise in the black pupil of darkness



84 Dreaming light


Dreaming light and hope in mist of foggy conjunctions lines of agreement at stake

Four corners all around talks, negotiation prevailing reason

Madness and coral pushed aside prevention, restrain, disgracing human dignity

May as well orderly actions, survival burning lifeŐs current,

Save, reconstruct and refurbish landŐs gifts, its mastersŐ memories and civilizations

Open up self and hands with all wounds leave misery behind

Emerging vast landscape, red tulips free souls breezy waves